It’s time to cut the cord …


With cable that is! I know, I know … this is a wild proposition, but I urge you to give it some serious thought. When Justin (my husband) and I moved here I told him that cable or satellite was an absolute MUST. We were moving out to the boonies and we didn’t know anyone in the area. I am also a stay-at-home mom (hence the name of the blog … wink wink). What else was I supposed to do?! So being a great husband, he signed a contract with a satellite company, that being our only option. I was thrilled because it had been about 3 years since we had had cable in our house. We had been using Netflix and Hulu during that time, which I loved! Unfortunately, those options were not available to us here. This further proved my point that we NEEDED cable.

Soon we had everything set up and a gajillion channels to choose from. Sounds great, doesn’t it?! Not quite. I quickly realized that I couldn’t find anything on TV when I wanted to watch it. Ok, so I’ll record some shows. Hmmmm … what to record? I know! “Dance Moms”! Or “Kim and Chloe Take the Hamptons”! The list went on and on. I started recording junk shows just to give me something to watch during the day.

The next problem I found was that when Justin got home, we would plop down on the couch in front of the TV and watch the shows that we had mutually decided to record together. We would eat our dinner on the couch and just watch. Of course there were some conversations between fast-forwarding through commercials or when we paused to discuss the show, but they had little substance. This was also Justin’s way of unwinding after a long, hard day at work. It was easy. Just the click of a button and he could veg. At first I didn’t see anything wrong with this until I felt like he would rather watch TV than talk to me. But that wasn’t fair. I got to watch my shows all day. Shouldn’t he get his time as well?

Finally one day, Justin and I decided to change things up and sit at the table to eat dinner. That’s when we started discussing how much time we actually spent in front of the TV instead of enjoying each other and the beautiful property we live on. We discussed the importance of raising our kids in the absence of cable TV. We want them to experience life and the things outside our front door. Just like we did as kids. Don’t you remember? Not to mention, cable is EXPENSIVE! Why pay over $100 a month to record junk all day? The numbers just didn’t add up. We sat down at dinner one night and wrote a list of “Anti-TV Activities”:

cart ride
board game/card game
make a dessert
read a book
look at old pictures
go for a walk
play guitar
sit on porch
shoot the bow
plan estate/garage sales
call an old friend
practice throwing knives (don’t judge)
research a new skill or interest
hit golf balls

After a couple months of debating whether or not to cancel our contract with the satellite company, we finally bit the bullet and did it. We started eating dinner at the table every night and sitting on the porch with a beer and talking. Yes, talking. I have to admit, it was a little awkward at first. You would be surprised how hard it can be to strike up a normal conversation during dinner when you are used to discussing what’s on TV.

One of the things that really pushed us to drop satellite was when I came across this antenna:

Mohu Leaf 50 Indoor HDTV Antenna

I wanted to have access to the major news channels, and this antenna reaches channels within 50 miles of our house. It was exactly what I needed! It helped that it was on sale, too. 🙂 Free channels! For those of you who don’t know, living out in the middle of nowhere, your standard “bunny ears” don’t do the trick. Believe me, we tried. Fortunately, we had this option.

In the end, giving up cable was one of the best decisions we ever made. We’ve rediscovered our skills and interests, and now have time to act on them (like this blog). It also eliminates one of the many distractions we have in this world, allowing us more time to spend with each other, our baby girl, and the many, many, MANY animals of the Harrod Homestead. More time for family and friends. Who wouldn’t want that?

Thanks for reading and I hope that you will seriously consider cutting cable out of your life, making things a little more simple. I hope to see you again soon! Don’t forget to subscribe and follow my blog!


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