7 Things This Stay At Homesteader Mom Can’t Live Without

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Let’s face it, your needs change depending on where you are, in life and geographically. I am becoming more familiar with my needs daily. I went from independent city-wife to country living mama in a matter of 4 weeks! Yes, that’s accurate. It was quite the transition. Although there are many things that I used and needed in the city that are the same as those I need now, I need them for very different reasons. There are just some things that this mama cannot live without.

1. Internet

Yes, for the purpose of this blog I definitely need the internet, but that’s not the reason it’s on my list! I have to admit that I feel the need to be connected with world with just the click of a button. FaceBook helps me feel closer to my friends and family that are so far away and it allows me to share all of the wonderful memories I am making with our first baby! Amazon Prime is another internet tool that has helped me tremendously. Being new parents and living 45 minutes away from most large retail stores made signing up for Prime an easy decision. I order diapers, supplements, dog food, tools, food, you name it. And I love that I can order last minute too!

2. Chickens

We all know how I feel about chickens. I think everyone should have some. Needless to say, no matter where we are we will ALWAYS have chickens. I love having my own fresh eggs daily and sharing them with my neighbors and friends. And it’s one less thing I have to remember to pick up at the store! Now we just need goats milk 🙂

3. Antenna

I mentioned in a previous post that we don’t have cable, but we DO have an antenna. It is capable of picking up channels within a 50 mile radius and according to our map we should be getting around 30 channels. The only downfall about being surrounded by trees is that your antenna reception isn’t always that great. But that’s ok! All I need is one news channel. Most days I can get one of the two to come in clearly, but some days I’m lucky and can get both! Regardless, I think its important to stay connected to the world. Even if it’s all about the crazy politics.

4. Riding Mower

This a new addition to the homestead, but its worth its weight in gold! After spending hours upon hours push mowing the 2 acres surrounding our house (a job mostly performed by my husband) we realized how precious our weekends were to us. We would much rather spend our time walking the trail, garage sailing, playing with the baby, or just relaxing. Now mowing the lawn is a task we almost fight over!

5. Boots

Boots are a must have for every homesteader. Within in 5 minutes of being here you will run into mud puddles, tall grass and weeds, animal “droppings”, and lots and lots of fire ants. For safety reasons as well as sheer practicality purposes, boots are a must. It’s nice to have a pair of shoes that you can enjoy dirtying up! At least I enjoy it 🙂

6. Bug Repellent

Bug, bugs, EVERYWHERE! Summer time can be an absolute beating if you aren’t armed with a good bug repellent. We have experimented with several different remedies for the variety of bugs we have around here. Some critters in particular that drive me crazy are the chiggers! I hate those little boogers. We have found that using powdered sulfur around our ankles and pants helps tremendously. Just a little tip passed down from my Great Grandpa!

7. Friends and Family

This is one thing that I ABSOLUTELY could not live without. We have been so fortunate to have so many of our family and friends come out to visit. Being a stay at homesteader mom can get lonely at times. While I wouldn’t trade this experience for the world, I do wish I could share more of these moments with the people closest to me. Thankfully I get calls and texts daily from my loved ones. To be honest, we have had more months with visitors since we’ve lived here than we have had without!

I went from shopping malls and trendy clothes to boots and bug spray. It has been quite a journey and a big adjustment, but well worth it! Thanks again for reading! Don’t forget to subscribe and follow my blog! See you next week!


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